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We provide 24/7 assistance to our clients!

No matter what time of day, we’re just a phone call away with roadside, home, funeral, legal and trauma assistance. In addition, our unique Intelligent Panic Alert locates the whereabouts of your cell phone.

Helpless woman driver calling for help/assistance standing next to the broken down car
Mortgage loan officer assisting farmer in financial allowance application process
Assist for Farmers

Few environments are as unpredictable as farms. That’s why we’re there for our farmers, 24/7. Call us at:086 115 0151

Man with emergency sign on the roadside
Roadside Assistance

As an MRA Assist member, you have access to various services if you have one of the following roadside emergencies: flat battery or tyre, keys locked in vehicle, breakdown, delay that requires overnight accommodation.

Plumber repairing kitchen sewerage
Home Assistance

In the event of a home emergency as a result of breakage of fixtures and fittings, we will arrange for an appropriate repairer (electrician, plumber, and locksmith) to help you out.

Hand pushing panic button on emergency equipment for elderly people
Intelligent Panic Alert

Activate the panic button, which is a preset number saved on your cell phone and within seconds we’ll locate the whereabouts of your phone with the intention of being there for you in a panic situation.  Intelligent Panic gives you and your loved ones access to a crisis manager who’ll help you through your emergency. Please ensure that you are registered for the Intelligent Panic Alert to activate this function. 

Emergency call
Emergency Services Notification

Notify us and we’ll relay an emergency message to the police department, traffic department, fire brigade, ambulance services, your security company or any other emergency service provider.

cropped view of man touching woman on funeral
Funeral Assistance

We’re there for you when you lose someone you love. Call us and we’ll arrange the burial and give you between 10% and 20% discount on funeral products and services.

Man with trauma
Trauma Assistance

In case of trauma, call us and we’ll connect you and your immediate family with telephonic trauma counselling and support that’s provided by medical professionals.

Legal advisor is explaining the offense under the law in the book at office.
Legal Assistance

As an MRA Assist member, you have access to a 24-hour telephonic legal advice and attorney-referral service. We’ll provide standard legal documentation and a free 30-minute direct consultation with a lawyer.

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